Sports Undergarment


Undergarment with the double climate effect

thermouche Sweater orange
thermouche Sweater orange

The first climate effect arises from the utilise of the Outlast ® technology where Phase Change Materials (PCM) are used which are able to take up warmth, store it and release it again to achieve an optimum moisture and temperature management.

how it works

The second climate effect occurs from the sandwich construction of the warp knitted fabric. Two layers of fabric, held by monofilament threads at a distance, form an insulating layer of appr. 1.5 mm thickness. This serves at the same time as a rallying buffer for perspiration.

the fabric

Danger of overheating

The undergarment is responsible for the microclimate beneath the thick, barely breathable shooting clothing. When the body temperature rises due to overheating, it can also increase the pulse rate and blood pressure of the shooter and besides, affects also negatively effects the eyesight. thermouche with PCM technology is the only material that can cool the body actively. The shooter is not so hot, so he is perspirating less, but all the sweat vapor is distributed in the insulating layer so and the skin and the thermouche underclothing feel dry.


  • Thermo regulation: Keeps the body cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather!
  • breathable and perspiration regulating
  • unbeatable good fit, almost wrinkle-free in all shooting positions
  • Machine washable - dries quickly!
  • odorless!
  • pleasant, visually beautiful flat seams that do not cause pressure or chafing at seam intersections


Layer 1: 87% Polyester (PES) / 13% cotton (CO)
Layer 2: Silicon PCM Capsules


Machine wash at 30 degrees, no tumbler, dry hanging or lying

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Maßtabelle für thermouche Bekleidung

Körperlänge 160 162 165 171 177 181 185 188 190
Brustumfang 76 80 84 92 100 108 116 124 132
Taillenumfang 64 68 72 80 88 97 106 115 124
Gesäßumfang 78 82 86 94 102 110 118 126 134

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