About this product:

MX-W2 - is the most advanced system in SCATT model lineup to date. The most important trait of this model is how comprehensive it is. With MX-02 you can train at any distance either indoors or at open shooting ranges, in dry fire mode (no-ammo) or in live fire mode, using real ammunition.

A special feature of this model in comparison to other SCATT systems is the lack of an electronic target.
Which means that now you will be able to train by simply using a paper target or a standard target installation*
(i.e. SIUS). In live fire training you don't have to worry anymore about damaging the expensive device..

Wireless optical sensor – can be mounted to the most types of weapons,
has connection to the computer or mobile device via Wi-Fi.

Software - this model is equipped by new crossplatform SCATT Expert software and new mobile application that open up even more opportunities for practice and results analysis.

Product features:

  • For distances between 2.5 and 1000 meters
  • Automatic calibration of the MX-W2 optical sensor
  • Usable inside as well as outside
  • Weight: only 56 grams
  • Dimensions: 34 x 35 x 60 mm
  • Wireless connection (WLAN - WiFi) or via USB
  • About 3 hours of battery life
  • Including mounting kit for easy attachment to the barrel
  • SCATT Expert Software

* Warranty terms [50.961 KB]

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