Wireless optical sensor - WS-03

(Model: WS-03) fixed on the firearm, this highly accurately measures the weapon’s alignment during aiming and actuation of the trigger mechanism. Metal fasteners of different dimensions, for use with various diameter barrels, allow the sensor to be fixed to the barrel or gas cylinder. Use collet framing to fix the sensor to the barrels of different pistol calibers. Optical sensor automatically measures the distance to the electronic target. The program allows you to automatically calibrate the sensor relative to the sighting of weapons, so there is no need for an amendment to the sights of weapons. Sensor automatically compensates for the “blockage” of weapons! For the convenience of an optical sensor has a convenient system mounting on the weapon, which allows you to vary the sensor position with respect to weapons. Optical has two-way infrared connection to electronic target. To USB connector of optical sensor may be connected SCATT WTS trigger sensor. Sensor has a built-in battery and can be recharged from the USB port of your computer. To fully charge requires 1.5 hours. Battery life approximately 30 hours of sight (about 10,000 shots with an average time of sighting 10s.). In case of non-use, the sensor automatically switches to low power mode. Weight 30g.

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