Trigger sensor WTS

Pressure sensor on the trigger a device allowing to obtain information about the effort which the shooter presses the trigger. The sensor made as a trigger with detachable cable, which attached to sport weapons instead of regular. Trigger sensor connected to USB port of WS-03 optical sensor. Information from the pressure sensor graphically displayed in a SCATT software window.

Set of the sensor include:

Trigger sensor

Trigger sensor — mounted on sports weapon (instead of the regular trigger). Connects to the control unit. Valid rod diameter for mounting the trigger is from 2 to 5 mm. Minimum distance from the rod mount the trigger to the inside of the trigger guard 27mm.

Trigger interface cable

Trigger interface cable — connect to USB port of a WS-03 optical sensor, has a length of 0.5m or 1m.


RR – round
RL – round for left handers
SR – straigth
SL – straight for left handers



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