Trigger sensor STS

a device allowing to obtain information about the effort which the shooter presses the trigger. The sensor made as a trigger with detachable cable, which attached to sport weapons instead of regular. Through the control unit sensor connected to USB port of your computer. Information from the pressure sensor graphically displayed in a SCATT software window.

Set of the sensor include:

Trigger sensor

Trigger sensor — mounted on sports weapon (instead of the regular trigger). Connects to the control unit. Valid rod diameter for mounting the trigger is from 2 to 5 mm. Minimum distance from the rod mount the trigger to the inside of the trigger guard 27mm.

SCATT electronic control box Control unit

Control unit — (Model: TRC-01) connect to USB port of a computer by cable.

Trigger interface cable

Trigger sensor cable Trigger interface cable — used to connect the trigger sensor to control unit, has a length of 2,5m.

Control unit interface cable — used to connect the control unit to USB port of your computer, has a length of 1,5m.


RR – round
RL – round for left handers
SR – straigth
SL – straight for left handers



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