• SCATT MX W2 (WiFi)

    SCATT MX W2 (WiFi)

    MX-W2 - is the most advanced system in SCATT model lineup to date. The most important trait of this model is how comprehensive it is. With MX-02 you can train at any distance either indoors or at open shooting ranges, in dry fire mode (no-ammo) or in live fire mode, using real ammunition. mehr

    1.795,00 EUR*

  • SCATT MX 02

    SCATT MX 02

    is an electronic computer trainer intended for shooting practice with fixed targets. The unique feature of this system is the ability to train either in the dry fire mode or in live fire, using rea... mehr

    1.449,00 EUR*



    SCATT-BASIC is the best value electronic trainer which will be extremely useful for anyone from juniors to semi-professional shooters, who are serious about improving their shooting performance. De... mehr

    739,00 EUR*

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